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How to print and fold STAY CALM zines
Posted 14. Aug, 2016

STEP 0. Print the zine. Make sure to use the zine-specific image with the panel pages flipped and re-ordered as shown above. The print-ready link can be found at the bottom of the text box below each comic.

STEP 1. With the printed page in hand, fold the page in half the short way so you can cut a slit down the middle. Cut generously to help with folding later.

STEP 2. Now with the page completely unfolded, fold it in half the long way.

STEP 3. Because of the slit you made in step #2, you can re-assert that short-way fold from step #2 by "pulling out butterfly wings."

STEP 4. Fold the wings down to the left side.

STEP 5. Fold the front cover with the STAY CALM title away from the back cover. Now you have a little zine!

EXTRA CREDIT. Print another zine -- or draw your own! -- on the back of the page for a 2-for-1 deal.