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Posted 21. Feb, 2017

Hey y'all.

Before I get to the future, I want to reflect on the past.

I started making zines for Jude and Jenn's second series. How satisfying to have a physical version of these web comics. Freeeedom is my favoritest so far.

I started For Millennial Managers as a companion zine for a conference talk. It was fun to bring Jude into the Steven Universe universe. Nothing says fun adventure like middle management!

Look at how many zines there are! And now these companion zines have companion podcasts!

Last week Jude and Garnet returned from their underwater golf adventure. They were chased by a giant squid, they discovered a deadly flesh-eating kelp forest, and they got lost for eleven days in a trash maze the size of Singapore. They'd be goners if it weren't for Star. The usual boring non-comic stuff.

Jude is always glum when he comes back from vacation, so I'm giving him time to mope before checking in with his exciting work adventures.

Until then I'm working on a new comic series with new characters. I can't wait to share it with y'all. Hold on to your pants and sunglasses, everyone. I'll report back soon.

Stay calm.