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I'm LusRC, the artist behind this website. I call this place STAY CALM, and it's where I post my comics and podcasts. Please make yourself comfy and have a look around.

You can go to to see my latest comics and podcasts, but for the full experience I recommend subscribing to my email list and social media so you never miss an update.

You might still be wondering, "Lus, what's a zine? How do I listen to a podcast? Who are all these characters?"

Keep reading to find out. You can also email me questions at I'd love to hear from you.



Graphical stories


Podcasts are audio recordings you can listen to whenever you want. Like a radio show where new episodes are sent to your phone automatically.

You can listen online to the complete SoundCloud playlist, or subscribe to "Stay Calm Podcasst by LusRC" wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Lus's Boobal Removal

Before and after stories about my boobal removal.

Drama at Work

Brian and I started Drama at Work to talk about work relationships. We answer questions from listeners having a tough time at work, and offer support and wisdom....or at least an enjoyable distraction!

Are you unhappy at work? Unsure how to talk with your coworker about that thing last week? Crying in the supply closet right now? Send us a note using our anonymous ASK.FM box.

For Millennial Managers

This podcast is a companion show to the For Millennial Managers comic and zine series.


My webcomics look like what you find in a newspaper's funnies section: a horizontal series of one to four pictures.

Juicy and Lemma

A coming-of-age adventure story about twins Juicy & Lemma searching for their mom.

Stay Calm

An introduction to Jude and Jenn's lesqueer relationship.

This was the first series I published. This is as good as it gets.


Zines are self-made magazines. They come in as many shapes and sizes as the people who make them. The zines I make can be read online, as well as printed out and folded into cute little booklets.

Each of my zine comic pages comes with a link at the very bottom to a printable zine version of the comic. For more information about how to print my comics and turn them into handy booklets, visit my How To Zine page.

For Millennial Managers

Jude learns about workplace leadership from Garnet, leader of the Crystal Gems. The comics are a fun romp through middle management. Print a set for your office bookshelf or boss' birthday.

Each For Millennial Managers comic also comes with a companion podcast that explores the topic in more detail. Scroll to the bottom of the comic's page and click the play button.

You can also listen to the full SoundCloud playlist online, or subscribe to my podcast on iTunes or Stitcher to get new episodes automatically.

BTW, I started these zines because I gave a conference presentation about the power of middle management. Instead of powerpoint, my slides were the panel pictures from the intro zine, and the audience hand-outs were the cute little zinelets themselves.

Stay Calm Zines

Jude and Jenn navigate gender roles.

At San Francisco Zine Fest 2016 I handed out 222 STAY CALM zines. I reprised my table the next year with both these zines and For Millenial Managers.